Business Setup in Dubai – Setting Up an Office and Setting Up Your Own Company

Company setup in Dubai is not a very difficult process if you have the proper planning and arrangement for it. You can easily set up a business in Dubai if you follow the legal formalities as prescribed by the government of Dubai. A few tips are available to understand more about the Dubai Company setup. These tips will also help you start your business successfully. These tips will help you get the maximum benefits out of your business.

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Company formation in Dubai can be done by anyone of the above-mentioned business setup options. Based upon the company activity and requirement, a company formation specialist will guide you and offer the right option for the business setup. Companies may require some minimum state funds and other bank requirements depending upon the business activities. Minimum capital of twenty-five percent and legal age of at least eighteen years are mandatory to open a Dubai Company. The company formation fee includes the administrative fees, registration fees, paying the company inspection fees, deposit fees, VAT at the rate of ten percent, local service charges and other expenses.

There are several other options available to you for the company formation. Free Zones for business activities is provided to those investors who register in the free zones. There are several companies which offer such opportunity. If you have a good sponsor, you can easily get the free zones. You should check whether the sponsor is a resident of Dubai or not before taking the benefit of free zone.

If you are not eligible for the free zone, you can go for the establishment in the freehold or the leased property. Companies which operate through the visa and work permit process can easily setup in the freehold or the leased property. But, the process of immigration will take a long time if you do not have the support of the UAE authorities for the visa and work permit.

The investor visa is one of the most important factors for the visa to set up. This visa allows the investors to conduct business in Dubai legally. The cost of this visa will be two thousand AED (ariumdehyde equivalent) and twenty-five hundred UAE Dirham. An applicant can apply for the visa directly at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs or through the passport office in Dubai. There are also many based companies which provide the investor visa to the businessmen. Companies which have the backing of the government or highly qualified personnel can easily get the visa cost lower than the market price.

Another option for the visa cost is the purchase of the real estate from the Dubai based companies. The purchase can be done at the spot price or it can be negotiated. When you purchase the property directly from the companies, you will be given an ownership certificate with the Dubai residency visa. There are many investment companies which are specialized in dealing with the acquisition of properties for the business setup in Dubai. You can contact one of them and discuss the investment plans, which can make your setup successful. If you have the willingness and the capacity to purchase the property at a later stage, you can also contact the company and discuss the legal business of business formation in Dubai.

One of the easiest ways for the investors to set up their business in Dubai is through the help of the local service provider. The local service provider can arrange the necessary documents and manpower at a much lower price than the legal business setup in Dubai. Before you select any company to work as the local service provider, you should check their reputation and track record in the field. The feedbacks from the previous clients can also play an important role in making the final decision.

Another easy way for the entrepreneurs to set up their business in Dubai is through the help of the service agent. The service agent can help you get all the documents and property at a lower price through the company formation in Dubai. Before you select any company for the service agent, you should check their experience and the rate of their office rent. If you are interested in purchasing property, you can also get it through the company formation in Dubai. The property can be bought through the office rent or purchase agreement.

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